"How does your colleague know that I called to complain?!"/ Rama for the La Repubblica show: Agaç is being smeared as if he were a criminal, the reason is...

how do you know your colleague that I called to complain to Rama about the show La Repubblica Agaci is being muddied as if he were a criminal, the reason is
how do you know your colleague that I called to complain to Rama about the show La Repubblica Agaci is being muddied as if he were a criminal, the reason is

Prime Minister Edi Rama has given an interview to Metropolis, the show of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica to talk about the investigation of RAI3 about Albania as well as his public reaction after the latter.

Referring to an Italian media article which mentioned that Rama had called in anger after the publication of the show, the head of government demanded to know how the Italian RAI3 journalist knew that Rama had called to complain to the director.

Branch: Thank you for the privilege, I follow you with great interest, it is the first foreign newspaper and I will remain loyal to it, is it normal for a foreign prime minister to make a phone call? There are many things your colleague said that deserve a comment, how does he know that I have called to complain? I never complain in the way I live, I asked for the director's contact, the director of another country.

journalist: Who did you ask?

Branch: A bunch of friends in Italy and one of them sent me the contact, the fact is I got on the phone not to complain, there is so much to complain about in this show, but that wasn't my intention, I asked to talk to him about t exposed to something very serious, which is the fact that the public was told while the version of the victim of this mud attack was requested more than once, this journalist appeared on an Albanian television, even to show his anger that it is something which should not be done.

Thus, Rama also spoke about Engjëll Agac, who was the protagonist in the RAI3 documentary, saying that the latter is being treated and smeared as if he were a criminal.

According to the head of the Albanian government, the reason is because he wants to attack his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni.

journalist: I always speak with hesitation, but apparently Agaçi has influenced the details of the agreement. Given this task, perhaps it would be better for him to retire. I remember that in a public event you said that it does not cost Albania anything as far as the foundation of the agreement is concerned. I was very struck by this aspect, maybe it was a moment of sincerity, for us it is clear that it is a propaganda movement.

Branch: I thank you because you help me understand things about the Italian part as well. There are some things that do not go in your intervention. I see no connection in the intervention of an Albanian lawyer's career. It was not easy, in 2013 he left Italy to become secretary of the Council of Ministers. He is the number 1 institutional figure of the administration. I see no connection between his career and this deal. He guided our team in the drafting of this difficult agreement. I don't think I'm wrong if I say that he and the lawyer who were treated as criminals. He is treated and smeared as if he were a criminal. The reason is very simple, to attack your prime minister, it is your right. But where does Albania and the lawyer come in? Half-truths, since you do the work of journalists, are the biggest lies.

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