Ophelia causes torrential rain and flooding, thousands of homes without power in the US

22:27 23/09/2023

Tropical Storm Ophelia hit the Atlantic Coast, causing torrential rain and strong winds in some regions, leading to flooding and power outages.

Nearly 8 million people along the Atlantic coast from New York to South Carolina were under tropical storm and flash flood warnings until noon Saturday, the National Weather Service said.

The storm hit Emerald Isle, North Carolina around 06:15 a.m., bringing torrential rain and strong winds.

In some areas, the winds moved at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, which combined with the rain caused storms in some areas of North Carolina, the services announced.

One of the hardest hit communities was Washington, North Carolina, where videos posted on social media showed water overturning homes and in some cases covering vehicles.

By midday, more than 65 homes and businesses in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey were without power, authorities said./VOA

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