Opinion/ Beyond the word: National team, heroes or victims?

opinion beyond the national community, heroes or victims

By BUJAR RAMAfery"Euro 2024" and Albania on the "plate" of discussions, opinions, analyses... Always after... After the selection of the list of 26 footballers (we almost crucified Silvinho on social networks and not only, why didn't he get Cikalles, Bar and Uzun), we forgot the emotions of a fragile team like ours for such levels of representation in the opening match of the competition against the reigning European champions, and "volm" boils over those boys who give their soul for the colors of the Nation! We became so fatalistic against Hysaj, that, despite the ups and downs of his performances in the national team, he does not deserve to be de-Albanized in the same derejeje with very few comments from a sporting aspect, not at all human and a little less ethical... When we lose (remember : with Italy, the reigning champion of Europe), we move on to stale analyzes ("stale" - tamed to the point of euphemism), typical "Albanian goddesses", especially from television studios, where the epicenter of camera and microphone specialists become... the girls of catwalks (someone, more precisely, many of them, cheer for Brazil, Argentina or... even Greece in this "Euro 2024")... If we stop at the panels of "serious" analysts... With the first 2 matches of Albania in the Group B, does anyone remember the absence of Cikalles, Bare and Uzuni? With Albania's first 2 matches in Group B, is anyone discussing the absence of Etri Berisha, Ismajli or Kumbulla? For the "partisans" of De Biazi, does anyone remember that we won the participation in "Euro 2016" not by merit on the field, but by straining the courts and "Long live the drone!"? If the victory against Romania in 2016 (beyond points) is considered more important than the 2-2 draw with Croatia (in the last two World Cups: runner-up and third in the world), then let's leave the analysis panel to the girls of plots (the television audience is also increasing...) As for the analysts and serious commentators (here I mean the players, but especially the former coaches of the National Team), I would appreciate it if they would do some "proto-analysis", that is, before the match, with the title, the word comes: "Silvinjo, this is how to win with Spain" - as a suggestion or advice of experience for coach Silvinho and his staff. With modesty, this is also a kind call to the former coach of our National Team, Neptun Bajko, because, without compromising his professionalism, he is more or less bringing back Fabio Kapelo's statement: "... in the analysis after the match, I can never be wrong!" . Let's wait for Spain with optimism and maximum support for our red and black, without skeptics, nihilists and "born" cursers, because "our boys", coach Silvinho's Albania, have won their European, whatever the further course of this competition. The best proof of this I write are our fans who invade German stadiums and cheer every second of the 90 minutes in Albania's matches, both to the advantage and to the disadvantage of our team, the lesson that should be "learned" by heart from all! The pulpits? Yes, there is no way to not have "generals of the lost generations"... Let them do it!



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