Paris, protesters attack the police car

19:52 23/09/2023

On Saturday in Paris, a demonstration against police violence was marked by clashes between protesters and police, in what French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin called "unacceptable violence".

Footage posted by Paris police chief Laurent Nunez on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, showed a moving police car being hit with iron bars. Mr. Nunez also said that a bank had also been targeted in the protests. "We are seeing where the hatred against the police leads," Minister Darmanin wrote on the X network.

One of the policemen got out of the car holding a gun, but did not use it, Mr. Nunez told "BFM" television, adding that the demonstration continued normally after the police car was able to leave. He said that three protesters had been arrested.

Demonstrations were called by some associations and political parties in some parts of France to protest what they say is violence and racism by police bodies./VOA

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