After receiving the stamp, PD calls a national protest! Here is the date when it is expected to take place

after receiving the stamp, national protests are called, here is the date when it is expected to take place

After the decision of the Court of Appeal to give the seal to Sali Berisha, the Democratic Party will organize a national protest in July


According to the sources of News24 journalist Osman Stafa, there are two days that will be discussed at the Presidency meeting that will be held today at 18:00, for holding the protest, July 12 or July 13. What will be the day, this will be decided by the Presidency.

Due to the high temperatures, it is thought that this protest will take place at 20:00, enabling the citizens not to have concerns due to the extreme weather.

This national protest of the opposition comes after the continuous accusations that the Democratic Party has made against Prime Minister Edi Rama, accusing him of links to organized crime, the mafia and money laundering. These accusations have been strengthened even more, after the investigations of Rai 3 in Italy. At the same time, the opposition has protested 13 weeks in front of the Municipality of Tirana, against Erion Veliaj, asking him to resign and face justice, because of the 5D file and the Tirana Incinerator.


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