After the end of BBV, Meriton Mjekiqi talks about the relationship with former residents: I don't have time for anyone! I have...

after the end of the bbv, he deserves a doctor, he talks about the relationship with the former residents, I don't have time for anyone, I have them

The former finalist of Big Brother Vip 3, Meriton Mjekiqi, spoke this evening about the report that he has with the former residents, after about a month since the end of the competition.

deserves medicine

In an interview this evening, Meritoni stated that he no longer communicated with any of them, apparently not even with Romeo, with whom he had a closer relationship.

"I released the water"-said Meritoni, "excusing" himself that he did not have time for the part from the former residents.

Among other things, regarding a statement by Jul Deda, who earlier said that he had called Merito, where the latter stated that he does not have the actor's number.

"I don't have Juli's number at all. To be honest, I've run out of water, I don't have time for anyone. I haven't had time to talk to anyone. Juli said that she called me, I don't even have Jul Deda's number"- said Meritoni in Fiks Fare.


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