Suffered cerebral hemorrhage, the well-known Albanian poet Agim Doçi passed away

cerebral hemorrhage in the brain changed the life of the well-known Albanian poet agim doci

The well-known Albanian poet, Agim Doçi, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on Saturday (June 22), has passed away.

dawn doci

Agim Doçi was in intensive care since Saturday near Neurology in Tirana.

The news of the well-known poet's death was confirmed by his family members.

The funeral ceremony will be held the next day in Tirana, while the tributes will take place at 11:00.

The life of the poet

Agim Doçi was born on May 9, 1948. He is a well-known Albanian poet and songwriter.

He was educated in Shkodër until high school and then continued his higher studies at the State University of Tirana at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

He worked as an engineer in Industrial Assemblies, taking part in many important facilities such as Cement Factory, Metallurgical, Laç Superphosphate, Tirana Polygraphic, etc. In the last years of the 80's, he worked at the Wood Plant "Misto Mame" as chief engineer for energy. In 1989, he was sentenced to work three shifts at the cardboard factory. Included in the December 1990 movements.

He is the author of many Albanian song lyrics, the winner of over 50 awards, among them a two-time representative with his lyrics at Eurovision. The collaboration with the composer Edmond Zhulali in many songs of festivals in Albania and with over 100 songs about the war in Kosovo stands out. We can mention very popular songs such as "Marrshi i UCK", "Is innocence killed".

He has published several books of poems such as 'Come on wood with prey', 'Falled on solitude', 'Rituali i crucifixion'.


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