"The plan went the way we wanted", De la Fuente after the challenge with Albania: To win 3 games and keep a clean sheet is something big, we should be proud

the plan went as we wanted de la fuente after the challenge with Albania winning 3 games and keeping a clean sheet is something big we should be proud of

The coach of Spain, Luis De la Fuente, spoke in an interview for UEFA after the meeting with Albania, where he showed that he is very proud of these three positive results.


"We are now freer to dream and the first ones too, but we have to keep our feet on the ground. Every game is very close and what we did is very difficult. To win 3 games and keep a clean sheet is a big thing, we should be proud.

We have to wait until Wednesday to see who we will face in the knockout round, but we will be psychologically prepared.

The plan went as we wanted. We had a lot of energy. Things got tough as the second half began. We have room for improvement, and we have a very talented group of players who want to improve. When you play with the best, you have to give your best.

The best 16 teams in Europe will be in the next round, so I don't give too much importance to myself as a favorite. One day you can be the best, the next day you can be nobody. Let's not put more pressure on the players.

We wanted to win tonight, no matter what. There is only one player who has not played yet, Alehandro Remiro. I am very happy that a player like Fermin Lopez gained experience and managed to experience this intense game.

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