Florida police stop 10-year-old driver on freeway

22:22 23/09/2023

Police in Florida were shocked when they stopped the driver of a car on a major highway and discovered that it was a child just 10 years old.

According to what he writes with the BBC, the boy and his 11-year-old sister were detained in Alachua, hundreds of miles from where they were reported missing by their mother earlier this week.

The police said that they had taken the said action after the mother had taken away their electronic devices.

Their detention was considered "high risk" and was carried out late Thursday, at 03:50 local time.

The car they were traveling in was also reported missing by the children's mother in North Port, Florida, a city located more than 320 miles from Alachua.

Officers learned that the two children were upset with their mother because she had taken their electronic devices because they were not using them properly.

The police added that there was no reason to believe that they were abused at home./tvklan.al

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