The police take responsibility for the security gates at 'Air Albania'/ "Albania-Poland, 12 thousand attempts for fake tickets!", Balla: End of acts of violence

After the recent incidents that have been noted in the stadiums, the State Police will take responsibility for all the security gates at 'Air Albania', as there have been cases where people who had not bought tickets entered the matches.

The Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, said that during the match of the Albanian national team with Poland for EURO 2024, 12 thousand attempts for fake tickets were detected. Balla made it clear that all those people who are caught with fake tickets constitute a criminal offense and will be taken to the police and then the investigation will begin.

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"After the analysis of the sports event between the national team and Poland, some of the conclusions I think are appropriate and should be followed by the AFL and the State Police. The same criminals, all those who allowed the security gate to be opened and people without tickets to enter Air Albania, here the responsibilities of the police officers who should have intervened should also be brought out. The security gate will be the responsibility of the State Police. During the match with Poland, we had 12 attempts for fake tickets. Possession of a forged document is a criminal offense, if a citizen is caught with a forged ticket, he will be escorted and a criminal investigation will begin," said Balla.

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