He ordered the murder of his wife, pedagogy: Naim Murseli tried to be a hero with his children by...

Analyzing the murder of Liridona Ademaj, pedagogue Ornela Çuçi, says in "Open" on News 24, that Naim Murseli tried to play the hero with his children even when his wife was being killed.

"It was a very amateurish murder and prepared for a very short time. On the other hand, I look at his pictures that are not only with Behgjet Pacolli. He has pictures of all possible VIPs. It is a kind of heroism and he has done this with his children as well. He took the children and left his wife if his scenario would work and then shows the price of a man in this country," she said.

As for the figures for violence against women in Kosovo, she stated that there were 14 complaints. "The data of Kosovo, for 13 years, there are 54 women killed in the family. From 2015-2021, there are 14 reported cases of violence. UN data show that 268 percent of women in the world are killed in the first year of divorce or in the year before divorce. "Kosovo is the second worst country for women in Europe after Ukraine," she declared.

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