Regarding the law on investigative commissions, Paloka: Justice does not investigate, SP is taking away this right from the Parliament as well. Rama the untouchable man

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Edi Paloka, said in the News 24 studio that the new law proposed by the Socialists for investigative commissions makes it practically impossible for the Parliament to exercise control over the government.

"What happens in the Parliament is one of the ways of civil disobedience and this is already known internationally. The rights of the opposition have been eliminated and with the law that Rama recently presented through Felaj to the Parliament, practically the right of the opposition but also of the Parliament to control the government, this right is totally eliminated with the law that they have presented and it has only one goal, the removal of any possibility for an investigation of the head mobster Edi Rama, who is not affected by justice. By removing this right from the Parliament, Rama is uninvestigated in Albania.

The result that civil disobedience has in Parliament will inevitably be reflected on the streets. Not only protests and all kinds of forms of civil disobedience, which you will find out in due time because we do not intend to give Rama the possibility of "protection". The hunger strike is one of the proposals for the situation in the Parliament, but what is happening in Albania is practically a dictatorship, not like that of Enver Hoxha, but close to it. The only freedom Albanians have today is the freedom to flee," said Paloka.

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