President Begaj at the UN: Sustainable development, our strong guarantee for a world of peace and stability

The President of Bajram Begaj is participating in the High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development, which is being held in New York, the meeting which precedes the start of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly.

During his speech, the Head of State stated that sustainable development "is our strongest guarantee for a world characterized by peace and stability". "I would like to emphasize that Albania is on an accelerated development path, embracing a comprehensive and transformative approach that includes economic, social and environmental development. Implementation of the SDGs agenda is not only a priority; it is a collective national effort where all state institutions are engaged, including civil society", said President Begaj.

The Head of State focused on the steps taken by our country in the context of the implementation of the SDGs, where he singled out the approval by the Assembly of Albania of the resolution that outlines our commitments to promote, finance and monitor the realization of the SDGs, as part of our journey towards EU integration, the creation of the ODG Acceleration Fund, financed mainly by the government, but also by non-governmental actors and partners. "The Sustainable Development Goals continue to serve as our universal, indivisible and integrated roadmap, guiding our vision and aspirations for years to come," he said in closing.


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