President Zelensky calls on the EP to establish the Special Court for Russia

President Zelensky calls on him to create a special court for Russia
President Zelensky calls on him to create a special court for Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky insists that a Special Court should be established for the Russian leadership as soon as possible, without waiting for the end of the war.

"It is necessary to act now without waiting for the end of the war to hold accountable all those who started it and to prevent any repetition of aggression. This will be the most effective protection of freedom, human rights, the rule of law and our other common values, which are embodied in particular by this award of the European Parliament, the Sakharov Prize," said Zelensky.

He expressed gratitude to all those who investigate and help investigate the crimes of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine, who seek information about Russian murderers and terrorists, as well as the International Criminal Court, which cooperates closely with Ukrainian prosecutors and has a clear goal to guaranteed justice for what the Russian troops carried out on the territory of Ukraine.

Also, Zelensky thanked the leaders and states, all politicians and international organizations, who are working together with Ukraine and making every possible effort to create a court for the crime of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

"I call on all of you, your parties and states, to effectively support this work! The court must start working", stressed the President of Ukraine.

According to him, the European Parliament has already supported this idea, but it is necessary for it to become a reality as soon as possible, namely through the adoption of a special resolution in support of the creation of the Tribunal, through the support of the deputies and MEPs. and their countries for the relevant UN General Assembly resolution.

According to Zelensky, the cities and villages destroyed by Russia, destroyed destinies, broken and executed lives should be reflected in the punishments not only for those who directly carried out all this, but also in the punishments for those who organized and started this aggression .

"And when the principle of inevitability of punishment works for the crime of aggression against Ukraine, we will be able to make the relevant institutional basis of justice permanently effective. "When every potential aggressor knows that punishment for criminal war is inevitable, it will be the most effective tool for preventing war," the President of Ukraine emphasized.

Ukraine initiated the creation of a Special Court to bring the Russian leadership to justice for the crime of aggression against the Ukrainian state.

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