SP approved the 2024 budget amid chaos, Berisha: The Flakadans burned the unconstitutional procedure!

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha reacted after the approval of the 2024 budget with the votes of the SP, amid chaos and tensions in the Assembly.

During his speech outside the Assembly hall, Berisha said that the agitators in the Assembly that the opposition set up, burned the unconstitutional procedure.

"They passed this act within 5 minutes. We are here as a clandestine process. The budget, the fundamental act of this parliament, should take all dimensions. There is no evidence of either voting or tweeting by Rama's servant, Lindita Nikolla. This proves the justice and the irrevocable battle of the opposition. After it became impossible for the thieves to defend their thefts and deceive the Albanians. It made it impossible for Rama to legislate the theft of the largest fine. Those Flakadans burned the unconstitutional procedure. Did you see that Rama was following my FB? There was a time of protests," said Berisha.

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