"Why are you keeping the guards? Are you so afraid?", Berisha goes live on FB from the Assembly: Rama is hiding, the opposition is in civil disobedience

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, although he has not yet officially started the plenary sessions, has started to speak for the citizens through the social network 'Facebook'.

Berisha attacked Prime Minister Edi Rama and Speaker of Parliament Nikolla.

"He got scared, he came with a long convoy of cars. It will also go away. We are defending our constitutional rights, of the opposition people. They are protecting a group of thieves, they are unfortunate. She, Linda, has the worst record of being exploited by Rama and acting like a man without dignity. As a man who does not know and kicks the rules. Here behind me are socialist deputies. Why do you keep these guards? Are you so afraid of the opposition?

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