The images from the "hell" house where the 22-year-old Albanian woman was kept locked up are published, the neighbors say: We have almost never seen her, she was dressed from head to toe

mediate Greek have published images of the apartment where the 22-year-old Albanian Dafina Kurti was kept locked up by her husband Aurel.

according to the Greek media, in this apartment, the young woman, mother of a two-year-old daughter, was kept locked up and tortured by her husband, now arrested, for almost two years.

Meanwhile, according to the testimony of the neighbors of the Albanian couple, it is said that the girl was almost never seen going out, and in the cases when they spotted her, she was dressed from head to toe.

"We have never seen the woman. We knew that an Albanian couple lived here, but we had never seen this girl. We all wondered what was going on inside that house, but there was nothing we could do. We didn't know what was happening," says a woman.

"She was dressed from head to toe," says another resident.

"I have seen him very rarely. it only went out to the garden. Two or three times over the years. I never saw him outside the backyard moving, or shopping. And I had never even seen the child", he confesses.

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