Women's unpaid work, Golemi: Abuse in alarming numbers/ Malay: Let's approve the "Green Package"!

the unpaid work of women, abuse in alarming numbers, let's approve the green package
the unpaid work of women, abuse in alarming numbers, let's approve the green package

Forced by conditions, 11.8% of women in Albania are unemployed. In these circumstances, they spend many years of their lives devoting themselves to children, the elderly and other obligations that if these services were benefited from the proper functioning of the institutions and they exercised a certain profession, they would have provided sufficient income.
On the unpaid work of women in Albania, prompted by a UN Woman report for our country, during a panel on "Vila24", moderated by Brunilda Lahe, light was shed on the alarming figures of economic losses that are lost every year in Albania.

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Journalist Aurora Golemi, who gave voice to this report that passed in silence, said that the figures are at extraordinary levels. According to her, if women were paid for all the contribution they make to the family, they would bring the Albanian economy about 324 million euros per year.

Present, sociologist Nora Malaj brought the concrete example that women give from taking care of children, the elderly to the disabled by sacrificing their careers. Malaj announced that he is preparing a draft law that will help this social category, women who are forced to stay at home due to circumstances or even people of retirement age.
Malaj said that her proposal for the "Green Package" requires that for all women's jobs, at a specific age, the state provides them with:

1-Continuous qualification at the expense of the state to obtain a profession even though they do not have the proper education.
2-Ensure employment.
3-If they are in rural areas, they should be given a bonus to be called "farmer lady".
4- To provide them with a dignified pension through the obligations they have incurred from their work.

Journalist Golemi further explains that on this issue there is a direct call from the UN to the Albanian government in order to establish a strategy for universal care for children, preschools and the elderly.

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