30 kilometer queue/ Polish truckers block the border with Ukraine, aid for the battlefield is at risk

30 kilometer queue/ Polish truckers block the border with Ukraine, aid for the battlefield is at risk

Transport vehicles and medical equipment for the battlefield in Ukraine are among the items stuck in a kilometer-long queue along the border with Poland. Equipment to build drones for the battle against the Russian aggressor is already several weeks late.

Ukraine charities and companies that supply the war-torn country's military warn that problems are mounting as Polish truck drivers show no sign of ending a month-long border blockade.

Polish protesters argue that their way of life has been put at risk after the European Union eased some transport rules and that Ukrainian truckers are hurting their business.

As for drones to be used on the front line, there are delays of two to three weeks, said Oleksandr Zadorozhnyi, operational director of the KOLO foundation, which helps the Ukrainian military with battlefield technology, including drones and communications equipment.

"This means that the Russian army will have the ability to kill Ukrainian soldiers and terrorize the population for several weeks longer," he said.

Since November 6, truck drivers in Poland have blocked access roads to border points. The line of cars is about 30 kilometers long, vehicles need to wait about three weeks in the freezing temperatures.

Protesters insist they are not blocking military transport or humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

"This is very strange to me, even hard to believe because everyone knows, from those who make the order, those who ask for the acceleration of shipments and those who do the transportation, that the aid to the army goes without having need to wait at all", says Waldemar Jaszczur, one of the organizers of the protest.

Polish drivers say Ukrainian truckers are offering lower prices to transport everything across the European Union after a temporary decision bypassing the 27-member bloc's transport rules following the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2022.

Despite Poland and other neighboring states being among the biggest supporters of Ukraine's war, resentment has built up among farmers and truckers. They argue that they are losing their income as a result of lower-cost Ukrainian goods and services entering the world's largest trading bloc. This underscores the challenges of Ukraine's EU integration if its request is approved.

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