RAI 3 breaks down the Rama-Meloni pact for refugees: Who is the key person in the agreement! The Albanian mafia has people in state institutions

The investigative show "Report" of RAI 3 addressed the agreement between Albania and Italy on the issue of immigrants on Sunday evening. In RAI's investigation, Engjëll Agaçi appeared as the key person of this agreement between the two prime ministers, an agreement which did not have the proper transparency from either side.

The Italian media described Agachi as a former lawyer of drug traffickers and a person who tried to corrupt the head of Rome's Interpol.

But journalist Giorgio Mottola went even further during the show, focusing on the fight against corruption and organized crime. He also focused on the accusations made against Olsi Rama, the brother of Prime Minister Edi Rama from the opposition.

"Some shadows reach the prime minister's brother Edi Rama. From the documents of the prosecution investigations in 2016 that the show "Report" publishes exclusively below, it results that the brother of the Albanian prime minister used the same car for his movements that was in the service of an Albanian drug-trafficking cartel, persons who have already been judged and who were in the direct presence of Olsi Rama during several police checks.

From this investigation, a judicial process was born where the drug traffickers were convicted, while Olsi Rama was not even questioned. His name has even been deleted from the court files" - it is stated in the document of the RAI 3 show "Report" that also published Olsi Rama's photos.

After the accusations of the opposition representatives, Olsi Rama himself as well as Prime Minister Edi Rama denied the accusations, warning of a defamation suit in court for Gazment Bardhin.

"Despite special cases, in the last decade that belongs to the time of the Rama government, the Albanian mafia has made an epochal increase in quality, it is quoted" - in the report of RAI 3.

"The Albanian mafia is strong because it comes from a country where there is widespread corruption. Thus, the criminal organizations that come from Albania are immediately rich, strong and powerful. The Albanian mafia has already been structured and managed to work in cooperation with the N'Drangheta.

For several years we have also seen it in South America and it is capable of independently bringing tons of cocaine to Italy and Europe" - says Nicola Gratteri, prosecutor of Naples.

The report states that Albania is ranked by Transparency International as one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. A sad record held for several decades. The journalist remembers that years ago, when he had just come to power, Prime Minister Edi Rama had appointed former Italian prosecutor Francesco Mandoi as an adviser, who for 20 years had been a point of connection between the Italian anti-mafia prosecution and the Albanian prosecution.

"There were no major developments of any consultancy. Counselor in papers but never heard from me. They never called me even though there was a lot of work to do. Members of the Albanian mafia or drug traffickers have their representatives within the institutions and have the opportunity to condition the actions of the government" - says Mandoi.

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