Rama meeting with the SP assembly in Shkodër, joke about the mayor: Beneti should know how to use his right leg as well...

From Shkodra, where he held a meeting with the expanded assembly of the Socialist Party, Prime Minister Edi Rama mentioned some of the promises made, emphasizing that after 30 years the city has changed and is cleaner than before. The jokes of the head of the government towards the mayor Benet Beci were not missing either.

"The residential solar energy project I hope will go ahead but it is Bennett without the government and I am confident that Bennett being one left foot and one right foot than the rest of us are two left feet will know how to use he knows how to use his right leg as well as his left to throw balls at him.

Without forgetting the Dukagjin road, a project promised a lot but not by me. When I told him that he didn't want to, he told me that one of the things is Dukagjini street and I promised him. I hardly promise a word, but if I say it, I will do my best to keep it, despite the fact that politics is like life, we change plans along the way. But keeping the promises is a matter of time.

We kept most of them. The reason we are here is to keep all our promises. This is the first meeting with a country that we did not govern before. Since we are here to close the cycle of meetings before the Congress, I thought it appropriate to talk about this blessed city that lived for 30 years with the idea that we were the curse and has only just begun to see that we are the blessing of Shkodra and the curse was who else", said Rama.

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