Selvinjo tells the Italians about the red and black ambitions: Now I'm not thinking about EURO 2024

Brazilian coach Silvinjo has only been in charge of Albania for a few months, but it has been enough for him to lead a talented group towards a more attainable qualification for Euro 2024. This qualifying edition of Albania has attracted attention everywhere and especially from its neighbors across the Adriatic, saw the large number of red and black players in Italian football.

"Radio Sportiva" has interviewed the Brazilian coach and the latter has shown the curiosities about the red and black experience, his connection with Italy, which he visits often, as well as the fact that everything remains open and the qualification will not be simple.

"We have been working in Albania for 8 months. I have to say that I found a good environment, a pretty good Federation, but also strong players. I have decided to live in Tirana with the staff to immediately start an important job, with energy and organization. At the moment we are doing well, but there are still 3 difficult matches to qualify for Euro 2024.

Every 15 days we are in Italy, it's true. We have strong footballers in Italy, then... there is good food and coffee (laughs). But Ramadan is also there, other capable 19-year-olds. For a player it is nice to play in a big club, to improve. I don't know how to advise a player on whether he should play in one country or another, as they have staff or managers for that. I am happy with my national team, I think the perfect situation for a player is to go to an important club and be able to play.

Milan derby? The start of last year was complicated for the black but then Inzaghi and his staff have done very well, reaching the final of the Champions League with Manchester City, a very painful and tiring match. The interior is solid, protects well, resets quickly, is well built.

The Italian national team? To be honest, I have seen little, since I came here in January, I have only focused on Albania. The president of the Federation speaks Italian, I have to follow 50-60 skilled Albanian players around the world. Mancini was great as he won the European Championship, his choice to leave was personal and it is difficult to evaluate it as a decision.

How much work needs to be done? A lot. The Albanian Federation also helps me, which deals with boys under 17 and 18 across Europe, such as in Italy, Germany, Switzerland. All ready for a future with us for U19 and U21. I am not thinking about EURO 2024 at the moment, we won the last game at home against Poland and I told the president that we need three finals to reach the final. But the group is difficult. The Czech Republic have yet to lose for example, so anything can always happen. The objective is to qualify, to arrive in November in a position to do such a thing," Silvinjo explained to Italian radio./panorama/

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