The US secretly sent long-range missiles to Ukraine?

The USA secretly sent long-range missiles to Ukraine
The USA secretly sent long-range missiles to Ukraine

Ukraine fired a US-supplied long-range ballistic missile at a Russian target last week and overnight, the Associated Press reports.

They quoted US officials as saying that America secretly sent the Army's Tactical Missile System missiles in an aid package last month, Sky News wrote.

They were used to hit a Russian military airport in Crimea last week and Russian troops in another occupied area overnight.

One of the officials said the US is providing more of these missiles in a new military aid package signed by Joe Biden today. They give Ukraine nearly double the strike range – up to 190 miles (about 300 kilometers).

For months, the US "resisted" sending long-range missiles out of concern that Kiev could use them to strike deep into Russian territory, escalating the conflict.

The news comes on the day that Joe Biden, after signing a bill worth $61 billion for Ukraine, has immediately approved the sending of $1 billion in military aid.

The package includes air defense capabilities, artillery shells and armored vehicles.

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