They violate traffic rules, Shkodra police fines pedestrians

Shkodra police fines pedestrians for violating traffic rules
Shkodra police fines pedestrians for violating traffic rules

The Local Police of Shkodra has started fining pedestrians who do not respect the traffic rules. A few months ago, the new Road Code entered into force, which provides for fines even for pedestrians who do not walk on the white lines, sidewalks or on overpasses and underpasses. The head of the road traffic section in the Shkodra police, Commander Endrit Neziri, says that after sensitizing the citizens, the punishment of pedestrians has already started because they have often been the source of accidents.

Neziri has an appeal not only for pedestrians, but also for drivers to respect the traffic rules. Road traffic in Shkodër has a new management, says Neziri, adding the number of officers on the main roads.

The means of transport that move in the city remain a concern, for which several meetings have been held between the police and Shkodër municipality to solve this problem. Fines for pedestrians in Shkodër have started to be imposed since the middle of January and so far, according to sources near the Shkodër police, nearly 150 citizens have been fined.

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