The situation in the north of Kosovo, Rama talks about relations with Serbia: They are only for the release of three policemen. They need to engage much more seriously in…

Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke today about the relations with Serbia after the warnings he made last week regarding the detention of three Kosovo policemen from Belgrade.

Rama refused to comment on the operation of the Albanian police in the Ashraf 3 camp of the Mujahideen in Manzë, but stopped at length on Kosovo and the situation in the North, as well as the official Tirana's relations with Belgrade.

"I have no other comment on anything other than the topic we are here for, which is 1 million times more important for Albania's immediate interest tomorrow. It can have completely unwanted impacts while our engagement is completely different from day one. We have been very clear, direct and determined to follow the policy we followed with Serbia as well. Our position has always meant that we influence, as much as we are allowed, as much as possible, that any kind of crackle of arms, however short, is kept away from the Balkans.
Undoubtedly, the fact that three policemen, in this case three policemen from Kosovo, are Albanians, but I assure you that I would take the same position if they were Serbian policemen, and without question that this affects our relations and this shows, in our opinion, that Serbia must engage much more seriously in this relationship with us. There are three people being held there by a state. This is covered by not this was arrested, he was arrested. These things are not related at all. A democratic state and if what is said is true, a state does not react by making symmetry. Why what are these gangs. A democratic state respects people's rights, despite the fact that the rights of its own citizens in another state may be violated. Arrests in Kosovo, Serbia has somewhere to address them. Address them to those mechanisms that are there. This is the way of a democratic state.

We are very active (for their release), not only on one channel, on several channels, but meanwhile it is not discussed how long those people will be there, our relations are after nothing new, but on the contrary. Our relationship is only for this work, for nothing else. I wish that their release takes place as soon as possible", declared Rama.

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