"The Belgrade scenario failed", Berisha on Vucic's statements after the attack in Kosovo: He proved that he is not free in the terrorist attack

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has reacted regarding the criminal attack in the north of Kosovo, where a police officer and 3 Serbian aggressors were victims.

Through a reaction on Facebook, Berisha congratulated the Kosovo Police for returning the situation to normal and causing the Belgrade scenario to fail.

He also condemned the statements of the Serbian president, Aleksandër Vucic, regarding the event, which, according to him, proved that he was not "hands-on" in the terrorist attack, which, according to Berisha, was organized and sponsored by Belgrade.

Berisha's reaction:

The Belgrade scenario failed!

Banjské Monastery and the entire territory under complete control of the Kosovo police.

Dear friends, in the last balance, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Xhelal Svelça, declares that three terrorists were killed, two were wounded and 6 were arrested, and that the police are in full control of the monastery in Banjska and the entire territory.

The police have found numerous weapons and have also identified the persons who were inside the monastery of Banjska in Zveçan. The criminal terrorist gang consisted of members of the northern Serbs, of the terrorist organization "Civil Defense," as well as those who came from Serbia. A heartfelt congratulations to the Kosovo Police, who with sacrifices, courage, patriotism and high professionalism neutralized the terrorist group and failed the most dangerous scenario in Belgrade, since the end of the war for the liberation of Kosovo until today.

I also condemn the statement of Serbian Vucic, in which he stated that he is not involved in the attack by the terrorist group organized and sponsored by Belgrade. sb

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