TODAY, 21:00/ "Broja" dilemma, the formation changes from defense to attack! Silvinho tries two variants for the challenge against Spain

today at 2100 the dilemma of the number, the formation changes from defense to attack, Silvinho tries two options for the challenge against Spain

From our envoy in Germany, KRISTI SEJATLLARI


With yesterday's session with coach Silvinjo, he closed everything related to the preparations for today's match with Spain, including the formation. But in this regard, the Brazilian has created a somewhat mysterious situation, trying several variants and in one of them the main player was Amir Abrashin, who was surprisingly collected in the European. It is the third and last match in the group, which is very important for the possible qualification of Albania in the phase with direct elimination. In fact, on Saturday the red and black technical staff tried a formation similar or close to that of the first two group games. On Sunday, meanwhile, there were other movements, where only the scheme did not change, while the names in the attack were surprising. In both cases, Ismajli was tried in the formation and not Ajeti, who has been the starter until now. The tactics and strategy that a team follows in a given match directly depends on the opponent. In this particular case, there is not much to say against Spain, but Albania needs points and cannot be focused only on defense.


According to the formation tested on Saturday, Albania is expected to have two changes in the back, where Ismajli takes Ajet's place in the center and Balliu takes Hysaj's place on the right wing. Strakosha plays again in goal and the defense is completed with captain Gjimshiti and the irreplaceable Mitaj. In the midfield is expected to be the trio that started the match with Croatia from the first minute: Ramadani, Asllani and Laçi, with the latter scoring the first goal and making a very good performance. And in the attack, apart from Bajram and Asan in the wings, Broja is expected to be activated, who takes the place of Manaj, while Daku is disqualified. Broja played against Italy as a starter and not a minute against Croatia, where Manaj gave very good signals.3OPTION 2 –

On Sunday, coach Silvinjo made another test, where the defense again had Hysaj the starter on the right, to continue with Ismajli, Gjimshit and Mita in front of Strakosha. The big surprise was Abrashi in the midfield, together with Ramadan and Asllan. Maybe it is the case, where the team needs the grit of this player, as this is the reason why Abrashi was included in the European list before Bare. In this formation, the attack is also a surprise, where Bajrami, Manaj and Seferi were tested. Bajrami was the starter in the first two matches in the group, Manaj played well with Croatia from the first minute, while Seferi before Asan in the formation raises a lot of doubts. Asani has played well with Croatia, providing the assist for Laci and another for Aslan, who was stopped by the goalkeeper. Tonight, the coach's choices for this delicate challenge will be announced.45


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