"Great Spain, but we didn't go with the goals", Bajrami: This is the European...

Great Spain, but it didn't work for us with the Bajrami goals, this is the European

Albania's midfielder, Nedim Bajrami, spoke to TV Klan, after the match against Spain, where the Red and Black National Team was minimally defeated and eliminated from the European Championship.


Among other things, Bajrami declared that the European Championship was a great experience for everyone, while he thanked all the fans for their support. Asked about the loss with Spain, the footballer said that the team did their best, but did not score goals.

"It was a great experience for everyone. I thank all the fans for the support. This is the European. It was a very nice experience for everyone. Spain is a great team. We tried our best. We didn't do much today with the goals. We will continue to work harder," said Bajrami.


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