"Social networks are not killing, but legislation", IT expert: The law does not deal with some violations, many characters are destroying lives through 'TikTok'

The technology expert Besmir Semanaj, through a direct communication in the "Open" studio on News24, spoke about the legislation about social networks after the incidents created by them.

Semanaj said that social networks are not killing in Albania, but the lack of legislation, explaining that there is only one law from 2002, improved 7 years later.

He revealed that offenses such as identity theft or blackmail are not addressed by the legislation.

According to him, if a State Police specialist were to access TikTok for 10 minutes, he would discover dozens of people who "have a place behind bars" and not on social networks.

"In Albania, social networks are not killing, but the lack of legislation. There is a law from 2002, improved in 2009 and not affected anymore. We have identity theft, blackmail, that are not being addressed. The character in question has threatened the lives of several characters in the last year, with tritol, murder, burning, etc. Like this character there are many others who destroy the lives of many people in these forms. We do not have either a ban or a procedure for these cases.

It is enough for a police specialist to enter TikTok for 10 minutes and he will identify people who have a place behind bars and not on TikTok. There are cases of denunciations, so far they have not been taken seriously. if 50-60 people were arrested, I assure you that the language of hatred would be heard on social networks", he said.

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