Tabaku: Tax burden on 95% of citizens and benefits on 5% of them

tax burden on 95 of citizens and benefits on 5 of them
tax burden on 95 of citizens and benefits on 5 of them

TIRANA - PD MP Jorida Tabaku, through a video, says that the current government works against 95 percent of Albanians. She states that the tax burden falls on 95 percent of the population and benefits on 5 percent of them.

Part of Jorida Tabaku's speech:

So the state budget has collected a record number of revenues for 2023: 6 billion euros! 12.6% more than the previous year, but what does this mean? This means that more income has come to the state budget because you paid more taxes, because every Albanian has paid more taxes due to the increase in prices. That the personal income tax has increased, that the social security contributions have increased, that the entire tax burden on the middle class has increased! But have there been better services? Today we have health that goes to the private sector not to the public, today we have less quality education that is reflected every day in every indicator. Today we have less investment in roads, today we have the same energy prices. Because the established system is unfair! Today, the system that taxes 95% of Albanians more gives this to a minority. Today, the unjust system set up penalizes the middle class, penalizes work, penalizes those who pay in favor of a minority. We have to change this system, this concept that the state budget is for the minority. This concept that everyone should pay and get only a little. No! The budget must have citizens at the center, there must be policies at the center that value work, that encourage work, that values ​​what brings more to the state budget today./Balkanweb/

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