Disciplined and greedy/ Who are the Albanian members of the gang of thieves, one died during the police action after...(Unusual details)

The fifth of the gang is the only one who has not been arrested. Samir, this is his name, a 38-year-old Albanian. He died on October 20 along the Autostrada del Sole, in a tragic accident near Modena. His car, a stolen Stelvio Quadrifoglio SUV with a clone number plate skidded at full speed, ended up on a guardrail and overturned. Inside was money, stolen items from a robbery and drugs. The other four accomplices were detained by agents yesterday.

An organized, disciplined, greedy gang. With the typical formation, 41-year-old Andrea Alija, known as "Bledi" at the wheel, 34-year-old Ermal Damzi as an observer and two acrobats, Kristian "Kristi" Filopati, 30, and 32-year-old Sajmir Damzi, known as "Miri" , robbing many apartments a day, mainly in the provinces of Milan, Monza and Varese. At the moment, the four Albanians, all with criminal and police records, are accused of committing 17 thefts, committed in just 15 days, between October 14 and 28.

But according to investigators, the gang has committed dozens of other robberies. Look at the sequence documented by the investigations: on October 14 they entered an apartment in Cassina de Pecchi; on the 17th in Gorgonzola; on the 21st at Busto Arsizio, and then two robberies at Gallarate; on the 22nd it is Bussero's turn; 23, Brugherio; on the 25th again in Gallarate (during this raid, a neighbor of the victim notices two silhouettes climbing the facade), while other evening incursions end badly.

In Busto Arsizio it is the alarm that makes them flee. "We would have opened the safe!" , complains one. "We would have played bingo", he is convinced, while the other warns him that the owners "called the blacks from a distance (meaning the police)". It was an unexpected meeting that led to another raid in Gallarate: "It was inside, there was the old man inside the bedroom reading a book..." , protests one of the thieves, who, after entering, finds himself almost in front of the owner of the house. On the 26th they visit two houses in Lissone; on the 27th I returned to Bussero, and twice to Monza; finally, on the 28th, to Cardano al Campo and Gallarate.

Everything was taken care of in detail. Every evening the gang gathered in Varedo, in Brianza. Mobile phones were left at home. Those arrested found the "work tools" and arrived at one of the parking lots where they kept the racing car (stolen Audi Rs3) hidden. Cleaning of the machine from each interceptor was carried out on a weekly basis. The (cloned) license plates were changed periodically. So are the garages; one was in Rozzano, another in the Bergamo area. At the entrance, on the ground, they left marks, pieces of tape or pine needles to detect possible intruders.

After identifying the area, the gang targeted the homes that had turned off the lights at dusk. "You see the first and third are on - you can hear them on a tap - the second is off... I swear it must be a billionaire, it's a residence...". The two "spiders" easily climbed walls and gutters, or descended from roofs, to reach any floor. They forced their way between bars and windows and entered. Each time they raided money, watches and jewels which they brought home until 23 p.m. Unsettled clock at home: at that time, "Miri", considered the leader, had to return for control.


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