Italian fans abandon their national team, here's how many will be present at the "Red Bull Arena" against Croatia

Italian fans abandon their national team, that's how many people will be present in Red Bull Arena against Croatia

Italian fans seem to have abandoned their national team in the stands. After the formidable dominance of the Reds and Blacks in the duel against Albania, a Croatian invasion is expected in tomorrow's challenge as well. 


The Italian media reports that in the "Red Bull Arena" of Leipzig, there will be about 25 thousand Croatians and only 10 thousand Italians. The stadium has a capacity of 38 seats.  Unfortunately, Italy has lost all challenges in terms of the presence of fans in the stands. 

Against Albania, the red wave had invaded the stadium of Dortmund , the same thing (although to a lesser extent) happened to SPAIN IN Gelsenchirken, while a similar situation is expected for Croatia.  



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Information source Read more at:the world today

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