"Treason, may God destroy those who stole your dream", Ardian Ismajli's father explodes for his son's non-activation in the European

Betrayed, God destroys those who steal dreams, Ardian Ismail's father bursts out for not activating his son in the European

Ilmi Ismajli, the father of the footballer of the Albanian national team Ardian Ismajli, has exploded with a post on "Facebook" after the end of the Albania-Spain match, which is also the last duel for the Reds and Blacks in this European.


Ardiani didn't get a single minute in these 3 matches and that was the reason his father reacted harshly on his page. Although the defender has been a starter in the Empoli team, he was not preferred for a single minute by the Brazilian coach.



Be persistent and strong for this injustice, for this betrayal, to be proud of everything you have given for the Nation because we have an obligation!

God destroys all those who steal his dream from childhood, which he told me...

God destroys those who commit unfaithfulness to you, betray you because you trusted a lot and you are not to blame for not writing unfaithful in their ballet...

You are calm that white days and a great career are waiting for you, it is very close...


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