Triangle Nita-Shpati-Dea/ Nita: I don't like Shpati

triangle nita slope dea nita I don't like the slope

21: 38 - 11.03.2023

Triangle Nita-Shpati-Dea/ Nita: I don't like Shpati

For several days, Nita has been arguing with Shpati. She expressed that she felt "used" by Shpati for his game, so she did not save the past prime in the chain of nominations. Their situation was also discussed during this evening.

Spati: I feel it closer because I know it, so I was surprised. About the jealousy I didn't have in the aspect that I'm getting closer to Dean. Dean and I did a "prank". There is no triangle here. If it was something, I would have said it.

Nita: From the moment he entered, our relationship has been very close. It has brought out some of my humor inside the house. We serve each other for good. I don't like it. It's just a person who brings out my good side. He began to confuse the residents. I told him that I don't want to be involved in this triangle. I reacted in this way by not selecting it in chains.

Dea: I didn't know new residents could be chosen, I've been close to Maestro this week because he's been upset so I chose him. There is no love triangle. I don't take it so seriously. Everything is commented here. We made a "prank" as if we kissed, but this was not true.

Luizi: Dea used Shpati. He's enjoyed it, but I don't know if he's fully into it. He took Shpati by the hand and left. The slope liked it.

Qetsori: I think Shpati misused the joke.

Dea: Shpatin and I get along very well.

Luiz: You got here by using the boys.

Olta: The slope has been sexualized. He is nominated today because of his joke with Dean. Such an action was done by Dea, she used the Slope.

Zhaklin: I think that they both used each other. I don't think there is a triangle. I think that there is a real relationship between Nita and Shpati, a friendship. Dea has shown that she has a flirtatious character. The dynamics inside are perceived differently from outside.

Arbër: I also think that history is a soap bubble. It started as a joke and was not given direction. I think that Nita could have saved Shpat for the sake of the acquaintance they have outside.

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