Winter trends/ Anila Hetoja: Albanians are looking for a fireplace in the bedroom


Every end of the year it is expected to announce which was the most dominant color of the year, of course taking into account all the trends followed by the fashion industries.

The decoration of the house depends on the tastes of the owners but also on the perspective of how we look at the house. Some of them consider each room on its own and not a part of the house, while others, when it comes to furnishing it, consider it as a whole.

The style we use in furnishing is also of great importance, as it ultimately represents the tastes and the owners of the house. Invited to Vila24, architect Anila Hetoja revealed for Vila24 this year's trends in home furnishings.

"We still stick to the contemporary and minimalist style because of the costs, there are few who ask for big changes. Yes, thanks to technology, the furnishing has reached the highest levels. The goal now is not the living room but the attention is moving to the bedrooms. There are requests for fireplaces in bedrooms, in this case I'm talking about second homes in mountainous areas that a certain stratum has," Hetoja told News24.

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