It was identified 15 years after the execution of "Doda", who is the 50-year-old who participated in the assassination of the police officer!

was identified 15 years after the execution of Doda, who is the 50-year-old who took part in the assassination of the police officer

After 15 years since one of the assassinations that shocked the country, the police announced yesterday that they have announced the search for one of the suspected persons who participated in that event.


His name is Gëzim Balla and he is from Elbasan. His name was not listed earlier among the suspects, when it is known that there are 4 people arrested for the murder of the former police officer, Roland Rexhepi. The police do not reveal the role of the 50-year-old in that mafia execution, which seemed to open a series of bloodshed in Elbasan and beyond.


The execution of the former police officer, Roland Rexhepi, was carried out in the early hours of July 23, 2009. He was left dead on the spot, after he was shot by two automatic firearms, causing his death. immediately. The perpetrators were masked, but forensics experts were able to secure DNA evidence found on a motorbike, cigarette butts or a hood found later.

Their comparison has made it possible to clarify the identities of the perpetrators, even though the two convicts have never admitted to the crime. In the case of Florind Shabani, it was the investigative authorities from Germany that brought his DNA evidence after he was convicted in the German state for narcotics. Albanian authorities have compared his DNA with that of his father, Ismail Shabani.

While the State Police had not yet revealed the murder of the former operative, two years later, businessman Ilir Rexhepi, the brother of the former anti-crime operative in the Elbasan Police, was killed in an assassination attempt in the center of Elbasan. Rexhepi was executed on December 30, 2011. Security camera footage showed a person limping away, as it was later said that the businessman retaliated with a gun against the assassin, who died a few moments later.

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