Committed suicide after publishing the photo on Tik-Tok, journalist Lala publishes the last messages of the 27-year-old: They are terrifying and were sent a few hours before she ended her life

Journalist Klodiana Lala invited to "Open" on News 24 showed the last messages of the 27-year-old from Kamza who ended her life after the publication of her intimate photo on Tik Tok.

"I believe that the Prosecutor's Office will make a requalification of the charge in addition to that of suicide against Altin Çok. It was possible to examine the device of the deceased in all the communications of the last days.

Several Whatsapp messages were found on the deceased's cell phone, which turns out to have communicated with a person and since he told a friend of his that he published the photo, the girl tells him to please remove this photo because it is not you can destroy me, if you can take out the photo of your children and your wife, because the next day the deceased says she will go to the police and I will report.

This friend's message seems to have betrayed Altin Çok. He says you are very wrong for mentioning my family and says I am not the person who shared your picture. There are a number of communications that are being watched carefully. "If you read the messages, they are terrifying and they were sent a few hours before he ended his life," she says.

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