Ukraine attacks Russian ship

23:27 24/09/2023

Russian navy commanders are injured, Moscow denies it

Ukrainian forces have attacked ships of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea with missiles, causing losses to the Kremlin.

From the footage of the camera on the drone, it can be seen that the explosion was very powerful. As a result of the missile attack, the ship was neutralized and sank after a few seconds.

Ukraine has declared that it has seriously wounded Russian naval commanders, causing dozens of casualties in the ranks of Russian forces, but this news has been denied by Moscow, which speaks only of one missing soldier after the attack, while saying that there are no reports of him. injured.

The command center of the Black Sea Fleet in the port city of Sevastopol is considered the best in the Russian Navy.

Sources inside the Kremlin told the BBC that the attack was carried out with Storm Shadow missiles, which were delivered to Great Britain and France.

Meanwhile, Ukraine will be supplied with long-range attack-coms missiles from the United States, part of another military aid amounting to 325 million dollars, including artillery and ammunition.

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