SPAK's arrest warrants, Ina Zhupa: Good news, will send to the real heads of the Tirana incinerator affair

The arrest warrants are few ina zhupa good news will be sent to the real heads of the incinerator of Tirana
The arrest warrants are few ina zhupa good news will be sent to the real heads of the incinerator of Tirana

PD MP Ina Zhupa has reacted in a post on Facebook, regarding the arrest warrants issued by SPAK for 15 people, who are suspected to be related to the Tirana incinerator affair.

Zhupa says that this is good news that he will send to "the real heads of the affair".

Full reaction:

The SPAK arrests for the Tirana incinerator are good news if they are only the beginning of the arrests that will lead to the real heads of the affair.

I call on SPAK to investigate the Tirana incinerator, including Prime Minister Rama, who is the person who signed the contract.

"The law requires that the tender lasts 52 days, while for the Rama government only 16 days. Thus making the first violation for the Tirana Incinerator. Did these municipal employees commit this legal violation?! Of course not

But why was this violation done? Because the winner was predetermined and it was Mirel Mërtiri, who is not unknown but who had received the other two incinerators, that of Elbasan and Fier, through his relatives.

The big and the small understand that the Municipality of Tirana would not get involved in the 430 million euro affair only with the will of some municipal employees.

This scheme had no way of not including the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

The letter to get an opinion has been sent to all 5 municipalities of Tirana district.

Instead of the letter being sent to the Municipal Council, Erion Veliaj does not pass it to the Municipal Council, he signs it himself to give his approval for the Tirana incinerator. Not only does it bypass the Municipal Council, but it also decides for the other 4 municipalities surrounding Tirana.

Why does he commit this violation, why did Erion Veliaj violate the law? This is a question that must be answered by SPAK, where it must also reveal Erion Veliaj's role in this affair and why he violated the law, what benefits he had.

SPAK has the obligation to connect the officials, as they are connected to each other, as a structured criminal group, headed by the head of the government, Edi Rama and the mayor Erion Veliaj.

Any attempt to tear them apart is aimed at protecting them from this terrible and real accusation and does not help bring to justice those who have stolen hundreds of millions of euros from citizens' taxes.

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