"Suicide of a 27-year-old woman, case of blackmail", Pampuri: Mental health, alibi of suspect Altin Çoku

PD MP and psychologist Orjola Pampuri, invited to the studio of "Open" on News24, stated that the suicide of the 27-year-old in Kamëz is a case of blackmail.

Pampuri said that someone who suffers from mental health does not say it as freely and cannot use social networks "as professionally" as the suspected author, Altin Çoku.

His very deliberate excuse on social networks that he has mental problems, according to her, is an alibi for the "perversities" that Çoku has committed.

"We are dealing with a case of blackmail. If we analyze the words said by the character who committed this crime, among the most serious. Someone who suffers from mental health doesn't say it so freely and can't use social media as professionally as he does.

From the facts that the girl asked him to remove the photo, he defended himself by saying that no one can do anything to him. All this is an opportunity to say that the person does not have mental health problems, but uses it as an alibi for the perversities he commits", she said.

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