Suicide for the intimate photo on Tik-Tok, former prosecutor: The law provides for punishment for relatives. It is urgent to…

Triggered by the latest case in Kamze where a 27-year-old woman ended her life by committing suicide due to the publication of an intimate photo on social networks by a Tik-Tok user named Altin Çoku, the former prosecutor Eugen Beçi says that it is urgent to change the Criminal Code.

According to him, the law on causing suicide is provided only for relatives.

"The cause of suicide is up to 7 years in prison, but the perpetrator and the victim must have family ties. The main part that I want to quote is the urgent updating of the Criminal Code to define these socially new and dangerous actions in Albania as criminal offenses.

As for the person's responsibility, the fact that the person has a criminal record and has been convicted several times excludes the possibility of irresponsibility in the face of criminal actions he has committed.

It is an abuse due to ignorance. Having a forensic report does not mean that you will not be subject to proper examinations for the criminal offense committed. A person may be irresponsible for theft because he is a kleptomaniac, but he is responsible for murder,

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