VIDEO/ 'Compulsion to appear' for the issue of sterilization, Ilir Beqja arrives at GJKKO

The former Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj, appeared today at GJKKO, where he will be introduced to the security measure.

Beqaj, accompanied by his lawyer, Ermal Yzeiri, entered the premises of the Special Court.

We recall that Beqaja was notified of the 'obligation to appear' measure on Saturday regarding the issue of sterilization.

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Beqaj is being investigated for the criminal offense of "abuse of duty", committed in collaboration, and for him the special court set the security measure "obligation to appear" and "prohibition to leave the country". the former minister, although he was aware of the modern sterilization center, set up at QSUT, did not take any measures to put it into operation. He did not do any preliminary study to assess whether the operation of the sterilization center would be more economically advantageous.

Judge Erjon Bani, in the decision to set the security measure for Beqaj, explained that the minister should have ascertained the inflation of the costs, while violations were committed in the procedure for granting the concession, because the procedure followed for the case in question was not was provided by law.

The decision also analyzes the trips Ilir Beqaj made with the businessman Ilir Rrapaj, who owns 40 percent of the concession contract and is currently in prison for the same issue. Former minister Beqaj is expected to appear before the court on Monday in the interrogation session. He stated that he does not appeal the decision, while he raised questions about the SPAK investigation, and on the other hand, he defended the sterilization concession.

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