VIDEO/ He lost his senses on the field, the Hungarian Federation reveals the condition of the striker Varga

video lost consciousness on the field Hungarian federation reveals the condition of the striker Varga

Positive news from the Hungarian Football Federation, regarding the condition of striker Varga, who lost consciousness on the field in the duel against Scotland, after a collision with the opposing goalkeeper.  


From the federation's latest reports for the BBC, it is known that Barnabas Varga is aware.

He was rushed to the hospital, but is now under control and in a stable condition.  

Varga reportedly opened his eyes and sat for nearly 10 minutes before being carried off the field on a stretcher.

"The condition of Barnabas Varga is stable! The player is currently in a hospital in Stuttgart! We will inform you immediately if there is any news about his condition!"- informs the Hungarian Football Federation.


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