Voting amidst chaos, Lindita Nikolla makes a mistake: the 2024 budget is approved with 83 votes

Today's plenary session in the Assembly has been accompanied by tensions, where it degraded to the use of smoke detectors by the opposition.

Despite the tensions, the Speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolla, has in principle approved the draft budget for 2024, but making a mistake in reporting the voting figures. Nikola opened the voting for the presence in the Assembly, while stating that 83 deputies were present in the hall. The quorum was not achieved electronically, but voting was done with green cards.

Nikola said that 83 members of the majority were present in the hall. The excise law was voted in principle with 73 votes in favor, but the other draft laws were surprisingly increased by 10 votes. According to Nikola, the bill was approved with 83 votes in favor, despite the fact that only 73 deputies were present in the Assembly hall.

The press office of the Assembly, through a short announcement distributed via WhatsApp, clarified that: "Dear colleagues, all legal acts in today's plenary session were voted with 73 votes in favor".


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