He put the Spaniards in difficulty, Armando Broja: I would have liked to play even more, but...! Here's the message for the fans

Armando Broja made it difficult for the Spaniards. I would have liked to play more, but here is the message for the fans

Armando Broja, who put the Spaniards in trouble several times, expressed his satisfaction with the game played by the national team, but emphasized that he would have liked to play even more.


In an interview after the end of the match, the Albanian attacker declared that he respects the coach's decision.

"We were very pleased. We have to keep our heads up. We had a very nice tournament. We knew all the matches would be difficult. We didn't have any games that destroyed us, they were very close, the boys should be proud of what we achieved.

It's a very nice tournament, it's a tournament that comes once every four years. You will probably only play it once in your life. I wanted to play more but in the end I am a player and I have to respect what the coach says. I could have done better in the first game. With Croatia, it could have been possible to get me in, I would have really wanted to.

I am very satisfied, the fans have always supported me. When my name was called I was laughing inside even though I was serious. Albanians have always stood behind me and helped me", said Broja.

Asked about the future at Everton, Broja said: I know, I have to talk to the family. I need some rest. The season did not go very well, but the next one will be much better.


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