The fire in Patos gets out of control, the flames engulf the electrical substation. Firefighters, FNSH and police at the scene

The fire, which got out of control after the burning of waste in the village of Ofičine in Patosi, is continuing to spread over a considerable area.

Firefighting vehicles, Fier police services and several groups of Rapid Intervention Forces are at the scene to neutralize the flames.

Journalist Enea Verria informs BalkanWeb that so far a considerable area of ​​olive trees and fruit trees has been burned by the flames, while the perpetrator of the arson has also been arrested by the police.

The situation continues to remain critical while there are several oil wells in the area. Residents of the area, alarmed by this situation, claim that the quick intervention of the fire services made it possible to remove the danger from the houses and oil wells, while the electrical substation was engulfed in flames.

So, due to the fire, DSO was forced to cut off the electricity, as a necessary safety measure.

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