Navigating a Critical Linux Server Malfunction: How Blunix Saved the Day

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The Crisis Unfolds: A Server in Peril

A few nights ago, we found ourselves grappling with a critical server malfunction. In an attempt to resolve the issue, we initiated a reboot, only to face a nerve-wracking silence—our server refused to come back online. On a second try, it staggered back to life after an agonizing five-minute wait. Stranded in the wee hours over the weekend, we turned to the internet in desperate search of emergency Linux support and stumbled upon Blunix. Moments later, we were in direct contact with a consultant, watching live as they navigated our server issues via a Jitsi screen sharing session.

Our site has long been running on a dedicated blade server, a stalwart piece of our infrastructure for years. The Blunix specialist swiftly pinpointed the root of our troubles: one of our disk drives had failed, and its counterpart was teetering on the brink of failure. Fortuitously, our RAID one setup held the line, yet it was clear we needed to back up and transition to a new system without delay to prevent any further interruptions.

Discovering Blunix: A Lifesaving Encounter

Heeding Blunix’s advice, we opted for a Debian server hosted by Hetzner in Germany. With time against us and no existing account with Hetzner, Blunix generously set up a temporary cloud server, kickstarting the migration process immediately. The move involved a detailed rsync operation that transferred our website data, configurations, and database to the new server. Simultaneously, the consultant meticulously configured Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB to seamlessly support our WordPress site.

A Race Against Time: Setting Up a Temporary Cloud Server

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Within just an hour, the migration was complete—a testament to Blunix’s efficiency and expertise. The following day, they further fortified our setup by integrating Prometheus for monitoring and BorgBackup on a secondary server, laying a solid foundation for immediate issue detection and resolution in the future.

Our heartfelt thanks to Blunix GmbH in Berlin for their rapid, expert intervention. Their swift and professional response not only salvaged our site from imminent peril but also transitioned us to a more robust and reliable hosting environment, ensuring the continuity of our digital presence.

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